The Growing Popularity of 5-Reel Pokie

For most online casino players, nothing is appealing as online pokie game, simply because of the chance it gives to win big bucks for small wagers. The traditional pokie game we knew from the past had gone through a massive improvement phase in terms of new features, colourful and attractive graphics and famous storylines. With the advent of technology, online pokie games have never been the same again.

A lot of online casino sites offer the traditional 3-reel pokies and the fast-becoming favourite 5-reel pokies. The 3-reel pokies follow the game mechanism of the traditional 3-reel pokie machines. It works by inserting coins as wagers to be able to spin the reels. While many still play these 3-reel pokies, others have ventured into the new 5-reel video pokies which boast of bright and eye catching graphics, generous bonus features and loud, stereo-quality sounds.

Between the 3-reel and the 5-reel pokies, many players would choose the latter because of the offered advantages which include:

More winning combinations through many paylines. In 3-reel pokies, there is only a single payline where the winning symbols should land. In 5-reel pokies, there can be as many as over 1000 paylines. This gives the player endless opportunities at winning.
Winning a portion of at least the initial bet is possible unlike in 3-reel pokies which is a downright win or lose, totally. By returning a fraction of the player’s bet by winning some combinations in a spin, online pokies players tend to stay longer in the game.
Generous bonus features are given to players, which not only increase their chance at winning but also additional thrill through new graphics and sounds.

After knowing all of these great features of the 5-reel pokies, there is no reason to doubt that more and more online players will get their hands on the game to experience a different excitement and thrill. But of course, there will be players who would still be loyal to the traditional 3-reel games. It’s a matter of personal preference. Either way, you get to have fun and win some real money.

Win Big, Hit Progressive Jackpots in Online Pokies

Online pokies are famous for giving out big cash prizes from both the bonus rounds and winning paylines. One type of online pokie, the progressive jackpot pokies, have phenomenal payouts that can reach up to millions of dollars! This is why many online pokie players are gravitating towards progressive jackpot pokies. In progressive jackpot pokies, the total jackpot prize increases as players play the game without winning the final prize. As long as nobody wins the prize, then the jackpot can total up to amounts that are through the roof.
However, since the payouts from progressive pokies are extremely large, there is a condition laid out by game before you are eligible to win the jackpot. Some types of progressive pokie will require you to bet the maximum wager. This means that you need to bet on all the paylines available in the game WITH maximum coins per line WITH these coins being the highest denomination specified by game. With this condition, it is obviously the intention of the game to encourage you to wager as high as you can. It is best to remember your deposit budget at times like these.      
Looking at the different progressive pokies, there are different ways on how you can trigger a progressive jackpot. Having such different triggers in each different progressive pokie is part of the reason why it is very exciting to play. There are two categories of progressive online pokies based on how the jackpot is hit:
1. Traditional progressive pokies Usually, you only need to have specific symbols in the reels of your active payline to win the jackpot. These are called traditional pokies. For many of these pokies, this specific symbol is the Wild symbol. This symbol is usually in theme with the particular pokie. For example, the Wild symbol can contain the logo or the name of the game. Traditional pokies implement the condition specified above where you have to bet the maximum wager for a spin. You need to watch yourself when playing these kinds of games. One example of a traditional progressive pokie is the Major Millions by Microgaming. This pokie has 15 paylines and its Wild symbol is the Major Millions symbol. You can win the progressive jackpot if five Major Millions symbols appear on each reel of the fifteenth payline. The progressive jackpot for Major Millions start at $250,000 and averages at $400,000.
2. Random progressive pokiesIn some progressive pokies, you do not need matched symbols in active paylines to win the jackpot. These are called random progressive pokies. The game automatically hits the jackpot once the programmed probability is up. In addition, random jackpots can also be hit in bonus games. Bonus rounds are usually activated by special symbols or a specific arrangement of icons depending on the game. But in some random progressive pokies, bonus rounds are automatically activated once the probability is up. Ultimately, your goal in the bonus game will be to get the progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah is an example of a random progressive pokie. The spinning wheel bonus round is triggered randomly. Your goal here would be to spin the wheel and hope the it stops to hit the progressive jackpot part. As a final point, in random progressive pokies, you are not required to wager the maximum bet as in traditional progressive pokies.